When perennial .300 hitter Tim Anderson went down with what probably is a season-ending finger injury, that left the MLBbros without a .300 hitter. With the 2022 regular season coming to an end, it’s no mystery that our MLBbros have had some great success throughout the season. It can be difficult having success at the plate during an entire season and for someone to hit .300 during the season, speaks volumes to that player’s consistency. 

This year there currently are no MLBbros hitting .300.  Aaron Judge is the closest, hitting .293, followed by Josh Bell who is hitting .278 and then Mookie Betts at .277.

According to mlb.com, only 13 players in the entire league are hitting .300 or higher. The last time an MLBbro finished the season hitting .300 or better was last year when Michael Brantley and Tim Anderson did so.

Brantley finished the season hitting .311 and Anderson hit .309. Both players have been battling with injuries this season and the likelihood of them hitting .300 or above this season is very slim.

But Judge could find himself in that group depending how he performs in August and September.


Judge started the season on fire, hitting home runs left and right. During the months of May and June, Judge was hitting .300 and he even got up to .318 at one point. He cooled off a bit during August but is still making an impact at the plate. He hasn’t hit a home run since the 12th of this month, but he’s in a good position to hit well over 50 home runs by the end of the season.

Last year Judge finished the season hitting .287, the highest he’s finished so far in his career.  This could be the first time he finishes the regular season hitting .300. He’s certainly put himself in a good position to do so.



With some late season hot streaks Bell and Betts could finish the season with .300 batting averages. Betts is no stranger to producing at that clip during the regular season. He’s done so twice in his career. The last time coming in 2018 as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Betts was on another level that season, hitting .346 and being named the American League batting champion. 

All three of these MLBbros have shown why they’re the best of the best when it comes to hitting. We also might have the opportunity to see all three of them showcase their hitting talents during the postseason. But for now, we’ll keep a close eye on those flirting with .300. 

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