David Price is in his second season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and is looking to win his first World Series title as a member of the Dodgers and his second overall title. Price has had a lot of success throughout his career and the 36-year-old is not ready to walk away from the game just yet.

The former Cy Young Award winner now finds himself in a full-time reliever role with the Dodgers. And for the most part, he has settled in well. Sometimes it’s not easy transitioning to a different role, but Price is a team player and he’s willing to do whatever to put the team in the best position to be successful.

If that means going to the bullpen, then that’s what he’s going to do. Last year he transitioned to the bullpen, but he did make 11 starts out of 39 appearances. In 26 appearances this season, he’s pitched in 26.1 innings and has a 3.08 ERA with a save.

Yes, this is the least amount of innings Price has pitched in his career, but he understands his role and is always ready to get out there when his name is called upon.

“I like these young guys getting their starts,” Price said in an article from The Orange County Register. “I like them being able to get their numbers up so they can go to arbitration, and they can get their money. I got mine.”

And Price did hint that this could be his last season, so going out on top would be a wonderful feeling for the veteran. But a big reason why he’s still playing is because of his kids.

“My (two) kids love it so much. That’s the only thing that makes me even think about playing any longer,” Price said.  “I always told myself I’d ask my son, ’Do you want daddy to play baseball or do you want daddy to be home all the time?’  I asked him before this year and he said, ‘I want you to be home.’ I said, ’Are you sure?’ He said, ’Yeah.’ Now when I ask him, he says, ’No, I want you to keep playing.”


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For those who have followed Price’s career, know how dominant he was in the league for multiple years. He’s 78th on the all-time strikeout list with 2,068. To be in the top 100 of the list is an accomplishment of itself. Price is in his 14th season and has dealt with numerous injuries the past few seasons and it’s apparent that he isn’t who he was back in 2010 and 2012, but the brother can still go out there and get the job done.

If this is in fact his last season, how great would it be for him to go out as a World Series champion. This is one MLBbro who definitely deserves his flowers. He’s shown why he’s one of the best to ever do it.

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