Welcome back to Bros Betting Baseball, MLBBro.com fam! We were kissin’ sisters last week, as both games and the prop were postponed due to weather, and it was a “PUSH PARTY” hold the Salt n’ Pepa. Let’s try to get back to our winning ways (2 Wins; 1 Loss; 3 Pushes on the season), as “Propag”Andrew (@Abookay3) and I (Seanbo / @Bbruh916) battle the books during a spooky Friday the 13th edition of our picks!

Let’s take you through some of teams looking to get gory revenge, and don’t be scurr’d to drop a few shekels on our monster slate of games!

1. Let’s take our first thrilling pick to the baseball capital, as the St. Louis Cardinals (no lines posted) take on the San Francisco Giants in St. Louis at 8:15pm Eastern. Logan Webb (RHP) was HORRIFIC his last time against the Cardinals, who are bringing in their righty Jordan Hicks (3.78 ERA) to see if they can murder the boys from the bay once again. Webb (3.82 ERA) looks to get some payback, as the Cards (top 20 in all hitting stats) are responsible for his only loss (4-1) on the season. Giants have the silver bullet in Webb, riding a hot streak including 2 wins vs. the Cards, and are our best bet this week.

2. When we’re talking about props, we’re talking strikeouts and runs not fake knives and hatchets. You may think he’s been possessed when you see the Cleveland Guardians RHP Aaron Civale’s sky-high 9.45 ERA, but the guy can’t find the plate right now! We’re a staggering 5-0 when betting the OVER on Runs prop plays vs. poor Aaron on the year. Since Buxton and Correa are doing disgusting things with their bats in the land of lakes, we’re looking at the OVER on Runs for the Minnesota Twins (Total runs line not yet posted).

3. To close out Friday the 13th we head to the scariest place on earth, LOS ANGELES! The Phillies (+185) and lefty Kyle Gibson (3-1) take on the man that gave them nightmares in a near perfect game, LHP Klayton Kershaw (4-0) and the Dodgers (-225). In the battle of goliaths, the Doy-ers are prolific on the mound (1st in ERA, 1st in WHIP, and 3rd in Walks allowed), and the Phillies know a thing or two about swinging the wood (5th BA, 7th Runs, 6th Hits, 3rd Slugging %, and 6th HRs). Baseball heads know you pick pitching over bats, and the Dodgers will close out our trifecta triple play for the week. Good luck, sleep tight, and don’t let the bookies bite!

(Seanbo / @Bbruh916)



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