Mark Gray goes Black in the Day with former MLB pitcher Marvin Freeman who is also very active in MLB’s diversity and youth development programs.

Freeman pitched in 221 MLB games and for four teams (Braves, Phillies, Rockies, White Sox) over a 10-year career.

Black starting pitchers are rare in baseball. Marv had 78 career starts, which has led to a wealth of major league knowledge.

Marv played with the Braves in the 90s when they had the Soul Patrol, Back when a Black face on the field and in the dugout and int he stands in the ATL was common.

PART 1: Marvin Freeman Speaks To The Culture Of BaseballĀ 

PART 2: Marvin Freeman Talks About His Improbable Rise From Jackson State To MLB & MoreĀ 


PART 3: Black Knight Marvin Freeman Talks Giving Back: Marvin Freeman Youth Foundation & More
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